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I remember my grandfather would look me straight in the face, squint his eyes, and in his low baritone tell me stories of how the people of the South would call him “The Sheriff” because he could drive so well. He described how he’d turn a corner so fast it would throw rocks up into the back of his truck. It wasn’t until later that I learned he got these skills running moonshine, just like my great-great grandfather Lee Stoxstell did before him.

My great-great grandfather had one of the largest stills in Batesville, Mississippi, and would run moonshine from Memphis, Tennessee, all the way to Chicago, Illinois. His liquor was so good, a white man traded him a now antique Winchester from the 1800s for a gallon of moonshine and Southern Hot Toddy. That Winchester is still in my family to this day, along with several of those same rifles that won the West. Read more

hit with rich honeysuckle and just the right amount of sweetness.

Mark SoRelle

What is Southern Hot  Toddy?

Southern Hot Toddy is an ancestral drink composed of honey, lemon, ginger, and southern distilled whiskey. Known as the drink of our ancestors, this legendary spirit has so many uses. It can be enjoyed neat, cold over ice, mixed with a little water and heated, mixed in with coffee, or the ultimate chill out relaxing drink next to wine after a long day or right before bedtime. Southern Hot Toddy is the best drink to mix with other alcohols enhancing the flavor; to this day I don’t know of any other alcohol that has so many uses. Many people enjoy its social embrace simply because it’s in a class all by itself. Like those Winchester rifles— today they are worth thousands and when they were being traded, Southern Hot Toddy was there. Without a doubt, they are both apart of our history and heritage like sweet American apple pie. Traditionally, hot toddies developed a reputation for relieving the aches and pains associated with the common cold and flu. The steam from boiling lemons coupled with honey and ginger soothes the throat; adding a note of alcohol in the toddy creates a symphony helping one relax, fall asleep, sweating the cold/flu out while enjoying a good night’s rest.


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